SOLiTHOR was founded in September 2021 by Huw Hampson-Jones and Dr Fanny Bardé and has been fully operational since early 2022. A Partnership Agreement with imec of Belgium, paves the way for SOLiTHOR to be solely responsible for developing, manufacturing and commercialising intrinsically safe SOLID-STATE lithium cell technology for the world’s electromobility markets. 

Ambition and Strategy

Our new European company with its breakthrough cell technology sits within the European battery value chain.  We will work with partners and clients to speed up commercialisation and time-to- market.

SOLiTHOR also intends to set up a European Centre of Excellence for SOLID-STATE lithium battery systems.

Innovation and Excellence

Building on the comprehensive ten-year patented research, carried out by imec, the world-leading research and innovation centre in nanoelectronics and digital technologies, SOLiTHOR’s next generation SOLID-STATE lithium batteries will overcome the challenges facing new battery technologies.  Our unique mix of battery characteristics will substantially improve energy density, charging and greatly enhance manufacturability.

SOLiTHOR’s international team of scientists is pushing the limits of SOLID-STATE lithium battery technology. Its innovative work with different layering materials is crucial to sustainable product commercialisation and quality assurance.  


  • environmental sustainability such as recyclability, low carbon impact during manufacturability, and a reduction in solvent consumption
  • securing economic sustainability in the scaling up of commercial production and securing competitiveness in the deployment of widespread adoption of electric vehicles  
  • ethical and responsible sourcing of materials (designing of components whilst considering the scarcity of elements, access to raw materials, and traceability) 


  • to be the leader in the sustainable manufacturing of SOLID-STATE lithium battery systems technology, whether utilising Lithium NMC or Lithium Sulfur
  • to be a key provider in strengthening the European Battery Value chain and making a strong contribution to European exports supplying the worldwide market


Environmental, Economic, Societal:

  • contributing to the decarbonization of transport via CO2, NOx and fine particles emissions reductions and decreasing noise pollution – important factors in both air transportation, and in the use of Heavy Electric Vehicles in our metropolitan cities
  • contributing to the realisation of a full EU battery value chain which will directly and significantly reduce Europe’s dependence on outside energy resources  
  • creating a secure logistical supply of SOLID-STATE lithium batteries within Belgium and the EU
  • establishing a highly qualified Centre of Excellence for SOLID-STATE lithium technology leading to the creation of a highly skilled workforce