MHDVs and cars

SOLiTHOR’s main focus within the Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) market, is the intercity bus and Medium & Heavy Duty trucks - applications which have proved to be more challenging to electrify than passenger cars.

Our battery technology addresses both performance and supply chain security.  We will leverage the technological advantage of cells developed for other markets with similar high energy density needs at a more competitive cost to address this market.


Safe with SOLiTHOR

SOLiTHOR’s rechargeable cells are thermally stable, eliminating the risk of fire.  The technology also allows for denser configurations which increases range and eradicates the risk of H2S during battery operation which improves safety in the cabin


SOLiTHOR’s Solutions to MHDV and Passenger Car Requirements

  • Higher gravimetric energy - supporting longer ranges for mid- and long-haul trucks and intercity buses
  • Faster charging for trucks’ ‘mid-shift’ and opportunity charging profiles
  • Intrinsically safe cells eliminate the risk of fire harming passengers or damaging freight
  • Greater charge/discharge cycles extends battery lifetime - reducing replacement and TCO compared to Li-ion
    • Combination of two key components will enable vehicles to have a longer mileage per charge, an extended range above 600km
  • Unique battery chemistry reduces dependency on foreign supply chains for critical raw materials

Enhanced safety

Reducing energy wastage during charging and dis-charging