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World leaders in the development and commercialisation of safe, clean and environmentally friendly rechargeable solid-state lithium battery technology for the electromobility sector.

Our technology
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Next Generation Solid-State Lithium Batteries

Next Generation Solid-State Lithium Batteries

SOLiTHOR was founded in 2021 as a spin-off of imec, the world-leading nanoelectrics and digital technologies R&D organisation

SOLiTHOR’s next generation rechargeable solid-state lithium battery technology will be used in a range of transport applications with initial focus on Aviation, Urban Air Mobility and Aerospace

SOLiTHOR’s Research and Development team is based at our state-of-the art premises in Sint-Truiden where scientists are further developing the solid-state electrolyte and lithium anode

SOLiTHOR boasts expertise across critical areas of the battery value chain, including solid-state components production, cell manufacturing, and module production, and has successfully developed breakthrough battery technologies

Our technology
Research and patents

A pledge from leading international research institutions to share expertise and knowledge, enhancing innovation related to our unique rechargeable solid-state lithium battery cell technology



A strong commitment from partners worldwide, enabling us to accelerate deployment of our unique rechargeable solid-state lithium battery cell technology



A growing network of international funders to accelerate the development and upscale the manufacturing of our unique rechargeable solid-state lithium battery cell technology


TOWARDS zero carbon electromobility

A step-change advancement compared to Li-ion and other solid-state battery technology

The world needs a breakthrough in rechargeable solid-state lithium batteries to unlock the next generation of electromobility

SOLiTHOR’s technology offers compelling value propositions - performance, energy density/weight, safety, manufacturability for its target markets

SOLiTHOR’s initial focus is Aviation, Urban Air Mobility and Aerospace. We will also leverage the same technological advantages for the Maritime market and develop rechargeable solid-state lithium battery technology for two other key electromobility markets – Medium & Heavy Duty Vehicles (MHDV) and Automobile


Working with world renowned companies and international education institutions to develop and achieve our next-generation battery technology goals


Reducing the CO2 footprint during the process and production of our solid-state battery to ensure a more environmentally friendly next-generation battery technology


Using unique chemistry to advance the production and commercialisation of next-generation battery technology