SOLiTHOR’s technology comes with an exclusive value proposition based on breakthrough chemistry and a unique combination of components:

  • a nano-Solid Composite Electrolyte (nano-SCE) which is neither a sulfide, an oxide nor a polymer and does not need high operating temperatures to reach high lithium-ion conductivity

  • a lithium nano-anode

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Energy density, charging speeds and safety

In contrast to the energy density of a conventional lithium-ion cell which will stagnate around its practical limit of 800 Wh/L (300 Wh/kg), our solid-state battery cells will significantly penetrate the 800Wh/L ceiling.

Our technology will improve energy density, charging speeds and most importantly, increase safety whilst retaining manufacturability.

It is also environmentally friendly - batteries can be recycled and reused. SOLiTHOR’s technology will also contribute to the decarbonization of society. Not only will our cells reduce CO2 emissions by replacing polluting vehicles with electric vehicles, but the cell’s CO2 footprint is projected to be lower than one of a conventional liquid type Li-ion battery.

Due to the uniqueness of its solid electrolyte, SOLiTHOR’s SOLID-STATE lithium battery will be easier to manufacture than other competitive SOLID-STATE batteries.

A patented nano-solid composite electrolyte, one of the SOLiTHOR’s key components. - © imec

The unique selling points of our technology

  • intrinsic safety of the nano-SCE combined with fast lithium-ion transport
  • higher energy density
  • performs well in a broad temperature range
  • the liquid-to-solid process resulting in a “drop-in” solid electrolyte enabling manufacturability which does not require an expensive rebuild of cell product lines
  • sustainable battery production and materials - no costly rare earth elements such as germanium, no high temperature treatment, with minimal use of solvent and cobalt

SOLiTHOR’s Battery Value Chain

SOLiTHOR positions itself as a future SOLID-STATE battery cell manufacturer with a new offering - next generation battery components, cells, and modules. 

SOLiTHOR will work with partners along the battery value chain.  Our aim is to help strengthen Europe’s position in the global battery market where sustainability and energy supply are key.

Production chain