International research and patents

- A unique combination of radically innovative components

SOLiTHOR is focussing mainly on its ‘core capabilities’  -  components, cells and modules production whilst working with other established OEMs to develop a complete solution.

We are collaborating with several research teams across Europe and North America to develop low-carbon re-chargeable solid-state lithium battery technology for the electromobility sector.


SOLiTHOR’s Battery Advancements

SOLiTHOR’s international team of scientists are leaders in the field of battery research

This article written by our Battery Cell Testing Engineer, Dr, Joris Jaguemont and our CTO, Dr. Fanny Bardé reviews lithium-ion battery safety testing and standards

SOLiTHOR has acquired core technology from imec through exclusively licensed patent families, providing a unique cornerstone in the development and commercialisation of solid-state lithium batteries

This core technology and subsequent advancements is protected by a comprehensive portfolio of patents