News in Brief


We are delighted to announce that SOLiTHOR has secured funding of €1.78 million from VLAIO, the Flemish government’s agent working on behalf of all entrepreneurs in Flanders in Belgium.

SOLiTHOR’s CELLiSAFE 1 project proposal was submitted in April 2022 and was granted on December 16th, 2022.

In partnership with imec, the CELLiSAFE 1 research project will speed up the demonstration of initial solid-state cell prototypes. This will pave the way towards future development activities serving as a basis to establish a first valorisation route towards urban air mobility.

VLAIO’s modus operandi is to support businesses with subsidies to enable them to grow, transform and innovate.

The CEO of SOLiTHOR, Huw Hampson-Jones, said that this funding will allow us to further develop our technology and support our R&D effort to move to the next level of cell performance.