New Funding for SOLiTHOR as it Moves On Apace With its Battery Technology

Huw Hampson-Jones, Dr Fanny Bardé with Minister Jo Brouns

SINT-TRUIDEN (Belgium) – 22nd January 2024 - The Flemish Minister for Economy, Innovation, Work, Social Economy and Agriculture, Jo Brouns, announced a Cellisafe grant of 1.8 million euros whilst on a visit to the SOLiTHOR headquarters in Sint-Truiden, Flanders, in Belgium.  This is the second Cellisafe grant awarded to SOLiTHOR in as many years. The first innovation funding SOLiTHOR received was from VLAIO for research project “Cellisafe” – and became known as Cellisafe 1.0.

This current grant, or Cellisafe 2.0 as it’s known, will further advance SOLiTHOR’s patented technology on Solid Composite Electrolytes (SCE), (nano)-anodes, and cathodes that form the basis of the unique, new generation All Solid-State battery cells and modules that SOLiTHOR will commercialise.

On his visit, the Flemish Minister said: "SOLiTHOR shows that Flanders is a global leader in the field of solid-state battery innovation. Thanks to the groundbreaking technology that SOLiTHOR is developing, you and I will be able to get on an all-electric commercial aircraft within a few years. This contributes to a sustainable, climate-neutral society. With the creation of some 25 additional new jobs, this will also benefit employment in the region."

As a result of the new funding, this research project will enable SOLiTHOR to accelerate the path towards commercialisation by (a) demonstrating a first-generation 1-3Ah prototype solid-state battery cell that serves as the second crucial step in the route towards commercialisation and (b) demonstrating the new solid-state technology in a Regional Aviation and Urban Air Mobility context that will serve as the first business valorisation route. This will speed up SOLiTHOR’s transition from an R&D-intensive start-up with no product revenue to a battery cell manufacturer with pilot production capacity in Flanders by 2026.

The CEO of SOLiTHOR, Huw Hampson-Jones said, “The Cellisafe grants have enabled SOLiTHOR to advance its solid-state electrolyte to technology readiness level 4. SOLiTHOR’s breakthrough technological innovation was greatly improved as a consequence of VLAIO’s support in the first place. It has allowed us to establish a world class centre of excellence for the commercialisation of solid-state lithium cell and battery technology."


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